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Symphony Fantastique: Épisode de la vie d'un Artiste ... en cinq parties (Fantastic Symphony: An Episode in the Life of an Artist, in Five Parts)
First movement: "Rêveries – Passions" (Reveries – Passions)
Second movement: "Un bal" (A Ball)
Third movement: "Scène aux champs" (Scene in the Fields)
Fourth movement: "Marche au supplice" (March to the Scaffold)
Fifth movement: "Songe d'une nuit de sabbat" (Dreams of a Witches' Sabbath)


released January 25, 2014

Session one - Portland, OR @ Morph Studio
Session two- Porto, Portugal @ The Bunker
Session three – Gilbertsville, NY @ Ninth Wave
Session four – Brooklyn, NY @ Seizures Palace
The Players (so far)
Ryan Olson, Noah Mickens, John Sharp, Sasha Drumure, Mehan, Scott Nydegger, Karl Off, Jonathan Saldanha, Gustavo Costa, Dave Howard, Jason LaFarge, Vincent Paternostro, Dave (Omaha)



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MECCA Bogotá, Colombia

MECCA is my nobody cares Scott home.

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Track Name: Marche au Suplice tr 6
"Marche au supplice"

fixed the fate when he forsook her
condemed witness an onlooker

his beloved they never took her
heavy footsteps marching quicker

walking forth in supplication
guilty without hesitation

give unto the just decision
one last dose before the vision
Track Name: Nuit de Sabbat tr 7
It's just before midnight
A night for pleasure
come in, come
look, the party begins
tonight is for doing bad
a strange group, a very dirty group
come in, come in, do bad, do bad
I suggest we sing for the Sabbath

it's the end of pleasure
I suggest we sing for the Sabbath
not for the pleasure

it's just after midnight
hear vulgar sound
close the mouth
loose the head
stay in the nightmare, always...always...

it's just after midnight
it's not time for pleasure
stay in the nightmare
a song for the night

it's the end of the night
not time for the pleasure
stay in the nightmare, always...always...

It's a song for the night
loose the head
hear vulgar sound
look at the pleasure
close the mouth
it's a song for the night

break the head
it's a song for the night