Eclipse (the burned eye)

by a system error/sikhara collaboration

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"Stare Directly into the Eclipse" - the scorpion eclipse mix

a system error/sikhara collaboration

Alesis San – drum machine
Gu Tianle - 1st guitar
He Huancheng - 2nd guitar
Xie Bohan - synth
George Frangoulis -doom guitar
Dave Howard - bass
Yang Zhongguo - chime and good vocal
Scott Nydegger - bad vocal

Remixed 2am-7am November 17, 2013
Eve of cd release show

During the course of 2013, Sikhara and System Error collaborated on a series of recording which resulted in the release of the album “Stare Directly into the Eclipse”

“The Burned Eye” is a remix from these sessions.


released November 28, 2013



all rights reserved


MECCA Bogotá, Colombia

MECCA is my nobody cares Scott home.

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Track Name: Eclipse (the burned eye)
I was just a boy and I was told
I must obey what they sold

They said…

“Don’t stare into the sun!!”
“Don’t ever play with guns!!”

They said…

“It’s assured; you’ll burn your eyes!”
“and Jesus is counting all your lies!”

I had…

Not found my way

I had…

No voice to say

I am wise, but you are old and God has made us in his mold.
It’s this life that I despise, but
Can I please just keep my eyes???

They said…

“You’ll be ok!!”
“Just never stray!!”
“Cause once you part from Heaven’s path, you’re sure to hear the Devil’s laugh. Even if your war is won, you’re sure to never see the sun. You’ll fall into the darkest pit. May lightning strike you where you sit!!!”

As I grew I walked the earth. Very soon forgot my birth
Towards the sky forever reaching, but
I had forgotten all my teaching

If they knew I’m sure they would have said….

“You’re out of time!!”
“You will go blind!!”
“Truth you will find”

I grew not only just in age, but in defiance
I never craved a spiritual alliance

One day I saw the sun and moon align
I knew for sure this was a sign
Feeling that the war was won
I stared directly into the sun

In my pain, began to weep
In a darkened place where no light could seep
Oh my god, what have I done?
You never stare into the sun

Even though I could not see
I heard a voice was calling me

HE said

“Foolish boy, you have no excuse, what do you say? The elders told you the one true way”
“You thought you were the smartest one, you had to stare into the sun.”
“Now you child, you’re out of time. You’re sure to die at 39.”

My birthday party is today, and my blinded eyes can’t find the way.
I’ll tell my guests, my lesson learned
And hope their eyes won’t get burned.

I met God and stood in his holy place
And while he rearranged my face

HE said

Before I take your other eye
Rest assured this year you’ll die

I still have not found my way
And though I still live, it’s any day
I know I will run out of time